Hey everyone Dean da Costa of the Search Authority online here for evry1, the all-inclusive hr recruiting sourcing research community and

we are working our way down the ssar page and we are now on to bookmarks cleanup a real simple great tool that just simply cleans up your bookmarks

you know sometimes you get the same bookmarks sometimes bookmarks that you made no longer work all sorts of neat stuff so that's what this tool does so let's go in here

this is bookmark cleanup it'll say find duplicate bookmarks remove empty folders bans duplicate folders find book broken urls let's go with broken urls it's just so much simpler i think uh allow because it's got to be able to read your bookmarks otherwise how does it know something's broken i mean that same place and this one is broken now i know for a fact it's broken because it's no longer there they actually went by by and it's still going mind you see all these others well i just selected one and we're going to see what other ones they say open block spring browse relevant app up look at all these that are look at all of them i'm just going to select all and then i'm going to select all here in this section i'm going to select all in this section and it's going to keep going obviously i have according to this i have something like 7000 bookmarks and that's only on this browser and it's just going to go through and clean them all up for me let me know which ones are broken as soon as it's done i'm probably going to go ahead and delete them i'll probably run this later because i don't want to waste y'all's time but then you also have duplicate bookmarks let's see what it's going to do look at all these duplicates found okay um that's interesting doesn't surprise me i mean i have a bowl of duplicate stuff but it's good to know hey and then of course remove empty folders do i have any empty um um remove five empty folders well you know what if it's empty i don't really need it merge duplicates no there are no duplicates so that's good duplicate folders so there you go it just keeps your bookmarks clean simple easy peasy and that's what i like about it so i'm actually going to get out of it because i'll clean this later i don't want to do it in front of y'all you all got better things to do to watch me clean up my bookmarks and that's it it does have a nice little idea of a tutorial let you know and that's it so this is bookmarks cleanup my name is dean decosta the search authority speaking on behalf of everyone the online sourcing recruiting everything community may the source be with you

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Dean Da Costa