Hey everybody it's Dean da Costa of the Search Authority and today we are working our way down the ssar page

For evry1, the all-inclusive online recruiting, sourcing, hr, everything community and we are on auto-pagerize now

What is auto-pagerize?

so auto-pagerize is a cool tool that makes it so instead of having to go page to page page,  it just links them all the way down into one long page or if you're on facebook and there's a bunch of people there, it'll go all the way down to the bottom

So let's look i did the search simple resume search no big deal i believe i was looking for job developers and there's a few but let's look at this let's go down and down and down and down and down and down and down and down okay there oh wait a minute look at this we're still going now how could that be well you know why auto pagerize is taking this down page there's page two now note clicking no fuss no must know anything just keep going see there's only two pages of results anyway and we've seen them all page two so that's what it does it just makes it simple so you have to click you don't do nothing you can just go one thing and if you're scraping results it's great because you can scrape it all in one shot instead of having to have set up the scrape to auto page your eyes so that's what this tool does it's simple it's easy it's in there you know it's interesting is a lot of people using it over 200 000 but what i find interesting is it hasn't been updated since 2014 and it's not because the people who made it aren't keeping an eye on it because they are because i've contacted them it's because there's no reason to change it it works and nothing stopped it from working so why mess with it there's an old saying if it ain't broke don't fix it well there you go that's it simple easy peasy it is in the web store it is called auto pagerize

my name is dean decosta the search authority this was for everyone the all-inclusive online community may the source be with you

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Dean Da Costa