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The Team


Head of Community

Shannon’s passion for talent and acquisition can be traced back to her early days as a novice recruiter. Tasked with a mission for professional development, Shannon latched onto the blogs of CareerXroads, ERE, SourceCon, and AIRS Training. Through her growth, Shannon adopted a motto from her mentor Gerry Crispin to become a lifelong student of our industry. Her learnings have shown her the power of relationships and the importance of community. Shannon believes that knowledge and wisdom are best shared in a community-driven environment. Shannon joined Hiretual in 2021 as the Head of Community and immediately launched Evry1, an open community for anyone in Talent Acquisition.


Growth & Marketing

As a young boy in the tropics of South East Asia, Vu dreamed of one day becoming a marketer in the emerging digital fields of the internet.

Just kidding, his parents wanted him to be a doctor and he lived in the States, but Texas gets pretty hot too. He now finds himself leading digital growth for the community he came to love from his previous excursions and is excited to be able to help and contribute where ever he can with a pinch of technical knowledge and a gallon of “lets git’r done”. YeeHaw Y’all.


Community Specialist

With an Advertising background and the passion for communication/networking, she joins her two loves to be able to serve the community in the best way possible as she advocates for inclusion of misrepresented groups in all spaces.


Events & Inclusion Coordinator

Reese is originally from Sarasota, Florida but currently lives in Austin, TX. They are currently the events and inclusion coordinator at Evry1 team at Hiretual. Reese also recently came out as non-binary and is passionate about helping others find their voice. They are passionate about community building and event creation. Reese is a fierce DEI advocate and mental health champion.