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Hey everybody, it's time to cast for the certs authority. And on behalf of everyone, evry1, the all inclusive staffing sourcing recruiting research community, you can go on the everyone web page, excuse my Facebook page to find out more. I'm going to be doing a series of videos. And the idea behind the videos is to take the SSR page, which is staffing sourcing recruiting, which is a series of pages along with some others that I've created, that pretty much have all things related to staffing sourcing, recruiting research, you have search tools, scraping tools, Chrome tools, everything you can imagine, there's probably 50,000 links. They are tools. They have conferences, certifications, podcasts, YouTube pages, people to follow everything. The newest stuff had dates.

As an example, this was added on March 11. And if you hover over it, it tells you a little bit about 201 sites. Now that's for the newer stuff. The reason why I added data so that people can just look at the new stuff that they looked at on the old page, they don't have to look at it all again, just look at the new stuff, decide what they want to do with it. So all this stuff is here. And we're going to be going through each category, each tool one by one over the course of however long it takes. And great videos to make life easy on you guys. Now, the biggest thing he has, I don't expect you all to work off this every single time you need, you want to do something, I expect you to create your own toolbox system mega toolbox for everything, you should create your own, I've created my own, it's still a start.me page, start dummy, or just start pages. And these are the tools that I like the most. So as I add something new to the SSR page, if it's something I like that works for me where I'm at for what I look for, for what I do, I added here too, I even add dates in the market. This way, all I have to do is remember, as I add here if I like it, and it's there in your case, so you'd have to check on the dates anything new, if you like it, you add it to your page. It's really that simple. And I'm gonna give you an example. But first, let's create our start dummy page. So I'm going to shrink this and I am going to go into Microsoft Edge. Let me sign out of this one. This is what a generic start dummy page if you just type in start dummy, what you need to do is create your own. So what we're going to do is go to get started. And this is where you would pick how you want to do it, do you want to use a Google email, you wanna sign in with Facebook with a Microsoft now Twitter, whatever, I've already got an account. So I'm just going to sign in. And I'm going to use Gmail because it's a G now. And I'm gonna use this one geek gamer life.com. And here we go. So this is a generic page. And the reason it's a generic page is that I haven't done anything with it. This is just out here, you create a new page or do whatever you want. Now I've created a new page called toolbox already, how you create a new page, don't do it there come in here, create a new page, give it a name, and your and your. So one of the things you're gonna want to do once you create your pages, right-click into themes and layouts. And the first thing you want to do is pick five columns. You don't want one because it becomes very long. You don't want 234 you want five, don't worry about all the stuff. I mean, if you want to change colors and stuff, you can but keep in mind, it will make the page load slower. I just keep it generic color blue. So here's what we have. Now I want to add a bookmark. So the way we came about this to see and seeing how we got to that is we right-clicked. And we had choices, edit page, start page, do whatever new page, whatever we want to do. So we added the page. We came here we did all that.

Okay, great. So now comes the next part of the questions we need to add stuff that's where you see may not add it. That's where you need to go in and decide how to organize widgets, do whatever you want to be done with widgets. So this is just organized just means I have one widget, what you would do now is you would go ahead and add other widgets. And the way you can edit widgets is a lot of ways Edit page, get you here, definitely, you add him. So I'm just going through the different things some it's repetitive. If you right-click and you got copy page, add contact and all that. In this case, we're adding content. In this case, we're adding a bookmark which so I'm going to add another in this case, we got this now the first one I called test. So I'm gonna call this test two just because it's easy to do. And we are done. Now we have to add a bookmark. So what I'm gonna do is go back to my original page, and I'm gonna take tidy bookmarks in there. So I'm going to right-click it, copy the link to the clipboard, boom, copy, shrink it down, add a bookmark here, tie it in, and let it do its thing. Now I could add a description but I'm not now it says select other icons I don't use icons and the reason is that the icons take up room and they make everything load slower. So I'm just going to add and there we go. It's right there. Good to go. Now, I might have added a date or something like that if I wanted to. But now one thing I would do is when you look at these keep the line. This is where you'll edit but keep in mind you have this ability here We can do the widget menu, you can copy a link to all links in a tab, you can add a bookmark to add a group, edit bookmarks, do whatever you want. So we're going to say we're done. And we're going to go back up here and look at all these different things again. So one of the things I always do is display settings. And the reason is that that's where you can pick your icons, I pick no icon, I do not want icons, like I already said, there, it slows everything down. And we don't want icons.

But there you go. That's it. My first ones there, I'm ready to rock. This is now my page. Now I called it to bark. You can call it whatever you want. But there you go. That's it done. Simple, easy. And that's how you create what would be your toolbox. So the next thing you do is you go back to their socr page, pick a tool you like copy it, paste it over, and you're done. That's how simple it is. Now I'm gonna delete this widget because I don't really need it. If you want to add widgets, it's all that's right here, add content one more time, pick what you're doing is an RSS feed note to-do list embed bookmarks, import bookmarks, whatever you're doing, in most cases is going to be bookmarks. And you just do it, and you roll it. So this is a tiny milk box, let's click on it, and it opens up in the Microsoft Store, which is where the bookmark is. So there you go. Now in future videos, I am gonna explain to you what turboprops is now use it. There'll be a guest person every now and then as the great Steve Levy, who's also a mender member of everyone calls him the demon spawn, he will be coming in on some of these videos from time to time doubt him, as will some other guests. But that's it. This is the first for a little longer than the rest of us. We're going to be five minutes once this one's a little longer. But that's the idea behind the start.me pages. And specifically, the SSR is one place to go for everything whereby you then can create your own toolbox to where you can start copying things over you likes you always know where to go. And if it's something if you need something you don't have on your own, you can go back to the SSR and bring it in. And that's it simple easy peasy. My name is Dean de Costa the search authority. This again is a series of the beginning of a series of videos for everyone in the all-inclusive, recruiting staffing sourcing research community, may the source be with you


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