Social media has become more valuable than ever to job seekers looking for a new job opportunity. Meanwhile, many companies are leveraging the power of social media to increase their online presence through digital marketing to strengthen their brand. Improving recruitment strategies on social media goes beyond just having a social media profile. It also requires posting relevant content, having an active online presence, and interacting with followers. 

In 2020 alone, people spent over 1,300 hours on social media. Many people interact on social media daily for many reasons –  interacting with one another, sharing information, making connections, and even finding inspiration. Since social media has become such a massive part of our lives, there's no doubt that this widely used digital world could positively impact recruitment. Research shows that nearly 50% of social media users follow potential employers' social media accounts for new vacancies and company updates. Another study reveals that around 79% of job seekers use social media while looking to obtain a new role. Simply put, these are some of the core reasons why companies should start leveraging social media as an effective recruitment tool to hire the right talent. 

What are some positive impacts social media could bring for recruitment?

  • Get in touch with passive candidates: Social media allows recruiters to access a large pool of passive candidates and potentially find talent who fit the role and the company culture. 
  • Display company culture/insider information: Social media is the hub of online information filled with digital content like photos and videos. It is an excellent channel for companies to increase brand awareness by showcasing the company culture and sharing insider information. 
  • Engaging with job seekers: Social media allows commenters to share their thoughts and values. Many recruiters find their potential talent through checking their activities on social media.


What are some proven workable social media recruitment strategies?

Social media user interaction & engagement

You may see something like this on social media: 


Hmm, who doesn't like McDonald's fries? McDonald's response to their customer was a great way to stir up a conversation and attract more attention to their profile. Customer engagement and interaction on social media don't necessarily have to be solely about finding new recruits or talent. It could be anything from product updates to a simple comment like this. 

Proper Hashtags

Hashtags are widely used on social media platforms. Users usually post content along with related and relevant hashtags. Recruiters may also leverage hashtags to recruit for talent. Hashtags like #hiring or #lookingfor or #recruitingfor are some great ways to attract more candidates to your talent pipeline.

Employee Advocacy

In simple words, employee advocacy means promoting an organization by its workforce. Your employees could share information on social media about any recent product updates or campaigns. These activities could boost the company's online reputation and presence and ultimately bring more customers and new recruits. A recent study found that employee advocacy positively impacts growth and sales because of increased brand awareness and positive perceptions!  


Final words… 

Suppose your current recruitment strategy isn't working as well as you hope. In that case, it is time to think outside the box and try implementing a workable social media recruitment strategy. Ultimately, there isn't a golden rule in utilizing social media to recruit talent, and it depends on how the company leverages social media to showcase its online presence and reputation. With so many people using social media today, it could be a great channel and opportunity to find hidden talent who will fit the position and perhaps company culture as well!

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Rene Cheng