Hey it's geg hawks again and i just wanted to show you something that i came across yesterday and it made me laugh so uh i know we always talk about job postings how they need to be they need to be updated they need to be something that makes sense also concise not not a huge job description or anything like that and i thought this one was really inventive really creative and and it made me laugh and especially with this kind of audience i i think it aligns really well with the kind of person that they're trying to hire so um buffalo uh bayou brewing it's a it's a brewery near near me in houston um and you know with with this mentality a lot of these these craft breweries are startups they're smaller type of environments but i was looking through this and i thought it was i thought it was funny because um for one thing the job title is zookeeper uh slash office assistant right so um so i mean i just i just want to go through this and highlight a couple of things that i thought were really funny that i thought were really inventive and just it's just a different type of job description i mean you can read this yourself um you know they talk about being creative brewery um they also talk about uh high expectations somewhere in here too but alternative job titles for this position might include professional plate spinner walking gum tour email jockey cat wrangler unicorn whisperer board folks might call it a receptionist or office assistant um so yeah i mean you get tons of visitors phone calls and emails number one job is customer service that would be a huge expectation out of this uh when you're not making people's day by giving away free beer yes you're the person that helps people when they pick up donations you're helping the office run smoothly so beware we have a lot of fun but we also work really really hard i just you know it just seems like a very fun environment even though you do work hard um this is pretty standard stuff greeting visitors callers answer telephones um some pretty pretty much standard stuff not not too many bullets or anything like that so i think that's fine um they use the word plethora in here and i don't know i just think that's kind of funny because you don't hear the word plethora a lot um you know so i mean and and they tell you when they're going to be taking applications to march 3rd pro tip we are old school and appreciate a good cover letter in addition to thoughtfully written resumes so that's a tip so especially if you're looking to separate yourself this is a good opportunity to do that and they're basically telling you if you write a cover letter we're going to read it you know so that's a huge tip and that's not something that you see in any kind of job description um you know so and you know humans want you to get working with reading your app not robots there are people looking at these and that's why uh you know what that's why i always tell people if you have a job that you're really um excited about write a cover letter because you know especially with with an organization like this a smaller company they're going to read it and if you can separate yourself from other people that's great in in talking about that one of the requirements is huck like with attention to details in fact you know what if you're reading this closely please flip hawk like in your cover letter so we can give you credit for being a business you know so that in itself is another tip and they're basically telling you like if you put this in your in your your cover letter we're gonna we're gonna notice so you know just it just made me laugh it just made me laugh that someone would write this in such a fun way such a creative way i wish i could write job descriptions like this because um you know working working in an enterprise level just never get cleared but uh but uh but i mean you can have some fun with it this is a job posting on their website so if you're posting to some other places you can have a little fun with this i mean i i do marketing blurbs for for the jobs that we're hiring for all the time and again it's about being human it's about having a little fun with it you know sometimes you can post a meme or a gif or something like that uh in and attract people that may not may not know who you are or what you do but i don't know this just just just kind of made my day i was just reading this i'm like man that's a great job description you know so um you know just just take a look at this as an example and and you know just kind of think about how how can i reword something to make it a little bit more engaging a little bit more exciting because they've done a great job here so this is definitely this is definitely um uh uh something that made me laugh and it should especially if you're a gum chewer email jockey cat wrangler or unicorn whisperer i mean i don't think i've seen that type of stuff describing a a office assistant zookeeper i just that just makes me laugh so yeah so i mean that's a great example um take a look and and hopefully this will inspire some of the the folks out there that do have a little bit more flexibility and and and looking for you know a creative muse that so to speak to to hopefully that will help people with with that sort of stuff but i mean i you know i just wanted to mention this because i don't really talk about java-script job descriptions job specs that much but when i see something creative like this that kind of makes me laugh yeah i want to mention it so that people have an idea who may not be the the best wordsmiths um what what a what a good engaging type of job description is so a drop drop hosting job descriptions typically they're bored i mean they do have they do have some stuff here but yeah i just i i really like this part about being hot like with attention to details um i might try that i might see if i can get away with that so um but yeah thanks for tuning in and and yeah i will keep putting this stuff out there

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Greg Hawkes

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