hi this is Greg Hawkes welcome to another open sourcing and today I'm going to be taking you through some more boolean, some more boolean syntax, some more site searches, and really I want to paint a picture of when I come to a website what I typically look for, what I typically do

and today I'm going to be focused more on the healthcare arena because that's not something that I see a lot of people really talking about as well so…

so really what you see here, is I have a site search built around a doctor website called doximity now you see dot site doximity.com I put a couple of keywords in there I'm looking for a neurologist so looking for an MD and you have a list here with various doctors various profiles okay

and you can see there's a large list now you can go in and do it this way this is one way to look but I like to look specifically for profiles so I'm going to show you an example of how to do that with this website because this is something that I've built tools around before I built programmable search engines around custom search engines around I want to show you how I do that

so what I typically do is go into the profile and look at the specific syntax is there something in this for example that identifies that this is a profile and you can see the slash pub right here a lot of times you'll see slash p you'll see slash pub uh sometimes you'll be like a slash profile

looking in the URL itself is a key identifier for typically what I do so I always look that's usually one of the first places I go is this an identifier right here this is a link this stuff that highlighting that identifies a profile on this website

so go back to your site search and if you look at the site and then put the website in slash pub slash neuro Dallas you get a much more targeted list of just profiles so a lot of times this is kind of a shortcut if you've got a website that has like jobs or other information that you're trying to pull in this is a way to shortlist just the profile so I've shown this a couple of times in some other videos but I want you to to really understand what I'm doing here

it's combining these two types of search strategies into building a list that's viable and that's usable

and for example this doctor right here I look him up and I see I don't have a ton of information on him, right because this is a profile site, and like right here like you've got a lot of other doctors you could literally pull doctors in that sort of way but you've got an office location you've got his name you've got that he's focused in neurology in that specialty you've got some education and training here and I literally google this guy okay

and I find his office okay that's a direct phone number to his office you can set an appointment you can schedule an appointment and talk to I wouldn't recommend doing that but maybe calling the office and asking for it

um or you know that there's contact information if he had owns his own business he might be willing to talk to you if you're in a hospital and you've got a very specialized project or something interesting that you're working on so I would approach it that way I mean humanity goes a long way nowadays so a lot of times if you're just honest and talk to people about different options and different opportunities it's a good way to find a good way to connect people so really I just wanted to take you through the series of steps because this can be complicated but if you go back to the very beginning

site:doximity.com MD and really just go down that pathway look at the URLs look what's in in the profiles sometimes you can find a better way to search and especially when in regards to a lot of these built-in search engines they're not very good they don't really pull a lot of the keywords that you need

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Greg Hawkes

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