Hey it's greg hawkes and welcome to another open source scene today i just wanted to take a pause and talk about a couple of tools that i use on a daily basis especially since we've talked a lot about boolean searches,I want to kind of bring it together a little bit and and talk about some of the tools i use as far as gathering the information and and how i best manage time because if if you're like me time is always an enemy and you're always trying to gain more of it so these are just a couple of things that i use like i said on a daily basis that have really helped in saving time and the first tool that i'm going to talk about is a chrome extension and i'll show you to go how to go in and find this in a minute it's called instant data scraper uh anyone who's seen some of my videos or some of some of my articles have have come to know that i like data scrapers and i'll show you why instant data scraper is probably the easiest to use it's it's automated it basically will let me just push this button here and basically it does a lot of the work for you the advantage is that you don't have to do a lot of thinking you don't have to program anything you don't have to uh build a recipe or build a script or anything like that the disadvantage is is sometimes it can be hit or miss so look at this though because this is literally took a couple seconds and it got me most of the information that i need okay so this is all the data that you can you can pull from a google search and i didn't really explain that but let me do that so basically this is a size search like i've talked about in previous videos basically what i'm trying to capture is the link the heading title basic information and it does this all right here

in the format like this so again you might have to rework some of the data but it literally took me a couple of seconds to pull this information into a spreadsheet you download it into a spreadsheet and when I pull that up you'll see all the data is there if the first time doesn't work click on try another table and it will automatically map into a different area of the web page okay since I'm doing a site search here it's pretty standard stuff and again you didn't have to create anything

and while that's pulling up I wanted to also show you another extension that I use and it's called open multiple URLs and when I can pull up my web page let me see where my web page is here it is I'll show you why this is valuable once I pull up my excel spreadsheet

okay so I pulled all this information into a spreadsheet I have to enable editing and why this is valuable is because instead with instant data scraper I was able to get links and URLs of the search that I just did okay so these are the profiles most of them are profiles and so literally I can copy and paste the URLs and use this extension multiple URL


to open up multiple urls at a time so as you can see it's loading so if i was looking at specific profiles or a series of links once these all open up you can just click through them and scan them if if they are are folks that you're looking for if you're doing this from a job perspective you can see if they're they if they're jobs that you're looking for that sort of thing so as you can see it pulls up several different profiles but instead of having to open up all the tabs at once all the tabs individually you can open them all up at once and get a better idea of what you're looking at okay so and like i yeah so i use these tools uh uh in kind of a combination form to save time instead of opening up each specific profile um are actually two of the the chrome extensions i use on a regular basis now look like i've got i can i can look at all these really quick go through them see which ones make sense do additional research and i have the backup information on my spreadsheet and literally it only took me a couple seconds so the other thing i wanted to show you is how to go in and find chrome extensions because some people get confused with this so if you go to the chrome store if you just google uh the chrome store or google chrome web store you can literally search these things up so multiple url opener if you're not doing this on a regular base this is it right here because it will open multiple urls that's that's one of the ones that i use and so i want to look for that instant data scraper

and there is an instant data scraper so when it appears upon your chrome extensions you the instant data scraper is kind of like a Pokemon ball and the multiple URL is right here so they're two of my favorite extensions and they're both free they don't cost anything it's just you have to kind of know how they work and hopefully, I've shown you how to do that so again thanks for joining and checking out open-sourcing I will have more videos coming you

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Greg Hawkes

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