hey this is greg hawks again welcome to another open sourcing i'm going to show you guys a little bit about what i do when i go conference diving so we're going to be looking at different ways to find conferences to utilize conferences especially virtual conferences which i've spent a lot of time in recently so yeah so one of the things that i always start with is hopkin hubbin is a platform a lot of hr conferences have been on a lot of sourcing conferences have been on and it's also a good way to find different populations of people so i'm actually signed in to hop in and if you go to home actually if you go to find events if you go to home you can find the events that you signed up for that are upcoming if you go to this little this little section here find events you can search for various events let's look for cyber because i like to use cyber security as example and right here you can pull up several different cyber based virtual conferences look at that i know that one um if you were to do manufacturing let me just try manufacturing and see what we can find

let's see what pulls up probably not too many conferences

in and around manufacturing looks like i broke oh no but here we go lean manufacturing conference summit manufacturing work look at that and as you'll notice a lot of these are not very expensive or free to join so you literally click into these and you just register and you can go in you can talk you can actually see the speaker list before even registering

of course my computer's being slowed down and you can see a write-up of what they're talking about their sessions everything like that so especially since i'm learning a lot in regards to coding and technology i will go to these conferences and while they're speaking uh you know talk interact and talk to talk to the the folks in chat so here's an example i mean i don't think this is very live right now but you can look at this is a conference that i've joined that i'm in right now you can do a search like for instance if i'm looking for an engineer let me see what it pulls up

okay i've got dev office engineer right now linkedin profile right there we go back engineering manager okay well there's some marketing there um developer actually let me just go software let me just go software to see what happens when i do software

okay not too many and it might be because this isn't very active right now because i missed the conference today

but i did i did find an engineer

right here's another one yeah again linkedin profile right

and with these conferences a lot of them are global based so if you're a global recruiter or sourcer absolutely use these

he's in canada he's actually somebody i might want to reach out to because i recruit in in and around buffalo gate so that would be that'll be good

and so yeah that's pretty cool

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