hi this is greg hawks again with open sourcing and today we're going to be looking at some different ways to find different pipelines outside of the site search i know i went over that in a lot of ways the last couple videos but it's all about research it's all about finding what's out there so i'm going to give you a couple of examples and this one is going to be geared more towards healthcare i feel like i talk about tech a lot so we're going to change it up a little bit and go the healthcare side so literally whenever you're looking for a a specific job title or a specific sector try plugging it into google like for instance if i plug in doctors say i'm looking for a doctor i automatically pull up a couple of websites that i know have come into play in regards to to finding the best doctors so right up at the top there's zocdoc that's something that you can side search that's something that you can look through another one and you guys see you have a list of doctors here too okay um the other thing is health grades that's another one health grades rate md there's a doc spock i haven't really looked at doc spot but that looks like it's something local to me so there's just by look putting in the keyword doctors you find a list of different doctor resources that you could look through okay you could take it a step further and if say for instance you're looking for a nurse practitioner type in find a nurse practitioner find and find nurse practitioner and you pull up a similar list of results that's the higher tool up there that's something that you can use as far as searching healthcare you can see you've got nurse recruiter but i wanted to specifically target this this one aanp because i've used this in the past and you can use this to find nurse practitioners for example this is this had these a lot of these have built-in searches that you can you can use let me see if i can just find some let's do dallas okay let's do dallas usa sure we'll do that let's see what we can find okay and again there's a lot of different ways to find people you can look for overall focus i'm just looking just a general search in dallas texas area look at it well look at all this and i've got a list of names here okay now you have to go through these and and look through these and probably do some additional research but you've got a phone number that's probably to their to the office and as you can see i didn't pay anything for this and there's a lot of nurse practitioners in this area a couple other things that you can do is you can combine some some of the side streets that we talked about last time with some of these resources for example proximity is one that i've site searched in the past that i use on a regular basis and in this case i'm using looking for somebody in neural neurology let's do cart cardiology just to be different

and boom you pull up a list of doctors

as well and if you use some of those other tools that I talked about it's like it's the data scraper you can pull a list and then you have a pipeline health grades is the same way health grades has a built-in and the thing i like about health grades is it has a rating system so if i'm looking for a respiratory doctor

if i could spell respiratory

let's do pediatrics

just because of hold up and boom again another list and even if you're looking for a a highly rated doctor you can use this as a resource to find the best ones in your area again another pipeline another free resource built-in search functionality and it's it's more about knowing where to go now something that i talk about a lot is the npi directory as well so you can literally use inp in pino dot com up here and look up any any specialty that you're looking for um

let's do family medicine okay let's just do family medicine and see if we can find and you pull up and this is more for private practice but you pull up phone number if you pull up addresses you can look by state arizona let's just look in arizona

i don't need to know that i don't need an ad and boom right there okay you've got family medicine doctors now the challenge with a lot of these is that these are office phone numbers so again you'll have to use some of the cross-referencing tools that i'll talk about on a later video to find more information on them or try to catch them via email which isn't which isn't easy sometimes too but i mean look at all these resources that i have specifically for doctors and nurse practitioners and i've only used the side search for really doximity and that's that's really it the rest of this is using the internal search functionality and finding more information on people and as you can see you can find a ton of information depending on what website you go to okay so really that's it especially if you're in healthcare i hope this helps i hope this this breaks down some barriers you've got to use what's out there as far as public information goes so so thanks for tuning in and i look forward to talking more about this i'll probably take a dive on the tech side and show something similar in the next video so thanks for joining

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