now another example is just straight searching for conferences so java canada conference 2021 you can pull up several different conferences here you can you might have to look through these you might have to look for for speaker or attendee lists a lot of these are still going to be global based

that is a global based conference

here's a list of the best conferences so you have to do some research you have to do some digging

to find some of these things this is how i come up up come across some of these different conferences that may not be on a specific platform like here's a java developers conference in well that was september so it looks like i just missed it but look speaker lists

yeah absolutely these are all folks and they've got they've got their location so like for instance again

he's in canada

i could probably find him if i was to look him up on linkedin because most speakers have some sort of social profile and the other thing that you can do is you can when you find one of these platforms like sketch for example i use sketch as an example all the time because there is a lot of different things that you can do with this so in this case i'm sidesearching sketch.com i'm looking for a speaker attendee list i think this is one of levy's um strings but example

so it's not just about finding the platforms when you find the platforms it's about digging in deeper and as you can see a lot of these you can either probably find them on LinkedIn or through another platform through your ATS or a lot of times they'll have their social links already there i don't want that whatever that is so it depends it depends on the conference itself so let me see if i can find another one real quick where did i go where did i go

let's try oh this one let's try to find something with an attendee list

let's go straight attendee list and see if we can find something

and I'm just going to do I'm just going to do engineering i don't really care what what type of engineering we're looking for right now i just want to find an example

it's a sales engineer

oh there we go that's that's one okay so here's an example of an attendee list and as you can see on the attendee list they don't have as much information a lot of them don't some of them do it depends on the conference like i said um so yeah this looks like a sing a songwriter type of conference i was just trying to pick a quick example but especially if you're in this industry if you're looking for songwriters look at that i mean a lot of these folks are going to be out there they own their own business they have their own they have their own website

and so i spend a lot of time in places like this because obviously this industry has a lot of different this this industry has a lot of of people that are willing to put their information out there so uh and i've i've found sorcerers here i found engineers with skedge again this was back in 2017 but there are recent events on sketch and especially on hoppin so even if it was a a virtual conference from like two years ago those are still people that you you might want to recruit and and help as far as finding jobs aligning jobs to your organization so again these are some great examples um hopefully this is helpful and and you you've gained some new ways to go out and and find these lists these conferences these pipelines because there's a big humongous world out there so we all need to tap into it and help out as many people as we can thanks for tuning in

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