Quitting your bad mentor relationship

One of my mentors and I decided to end our previously successful 12-year relationship. This was a very sad event for me, personally and professionally. We had some good years, but things sometimes go south, so today I am sharing how you can identify when things start to go bad and why you should leave.

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Feeling funky at work?

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Trust and Respect is Earned by Setting Boundaries

We’ve all heard the term boundaries used especially in the sense of personal life, however, is this something we should implement in our professional lives as well? We have all experienced uncomfortable feelings when pressured into doing something we’d rather not. It could be as simple as a colleague asking you to manage the applicants...

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Attract more candidates to your jobs by being more inclusive

Job descriptions are evolving! Smart companies are learning to post job descriptions (let’s call them stories) that focus on the whole person and not just the skills required.  These job stories provide content that helps the reader envision a future career with your company. It shows them how they can be a part of something...

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