How to Double Your InMail Response Rate

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The Great Resignation Is Not Just A Phase

Working from home gave employees the time needed to reflect about what they like and what they do not like. They quickly realized how much time they will save every week just not commuting to work and back home. Others realized they hated their jobs and wanted to do something that would give them greater satisfaction and purpose. And some people have used the situation in the job market to find a new job and stop tolerating bad managers or toxic environments. This “great resignation” we currently see within the labor market is the result of the slowdown we all experienced due to the COVID pandemic.

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Burned Out? Here’s How to Tell Your Boss

I have always believed that recruitment is not rocket science. We are not SpaceX or NASA engineers helping to get humankind to the stars, and we do not create inventions that impact millions of lives. But we are pretty close to that because we bring incredible talent to our companies. By changing the life of...

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How Many Recruiters Are There in the World?

Hiring recruiters has become a real challenge for many companies, not only because many companies didn’t implement those new work arrangements that people want, but also because many experienced recruiters left the recruitment field during the COVID pandemic and there are not enough recruiters in the market at this moment. As companies stopped hiring, recruiters...

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How Many People Use LinkedIn in Europe?

The world witnessed a historic shift in the 2020 job market due to the Covid 19 pandemic and we should expect an even bigger shift happening when people start coming back into their offices. And while productivity may have gone up, many employees report feeling anxious and burned out from the “always on” type of...

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