Recruiters play a critical role in connecting employers with candidates. However, the arrival of A.I. has disrupted traditional recruiting methods, and we all need to adapt to stay relevant in the know. In this article, I explore why recruiters should embrace new technologies rather than fear them and how individuals who don't stay curious will be replaced at a job, not the technology. Think about it, we all love toys to make our jobs easier, right? What I want to convey is that our industry has created in some cases an unhealthy competitive, very reactive recruiting practices, and I believe we have lost the focus on exploring, learning and authentically connecting prospects to opportunities. Learning about technologies to elevate that connecting and NOT just rely on one tool that has been overused.

If anyone knows me, I have always been an early adopter, curious, and want to try anything that could aid our challenging talent landscape. I have never felt threatened by tools or A.I., etc. Knowing, I can use these fantastic resources to provide creativity and curiosity, enhance my skills, and feed my passion in this industry. 

So, let's chat. 

Firstly, it's essential to understand that I am not here to argue, debate, or try to change your mind; I am here to share what I know to be, that we need to acknowledge that tools/technology has played a HUGE role in transforming our industry. For instance, ChatGPT-4 (A.I.) is being talked about, trainings, surveyed, written (like this), and how fast this technology has taken off. With this technology, it can assist and I repeat “assist” us to automate various recruiting tasks such as resume screening, candidate matching, and scheduling interviews, and keep in mind again, there has to be a human instructing this ChatGPT.

According to an HBR article, AI-based tools are faster and more accurate than humans. But keep in mind the writer of this article stresses that A.I. and humans do not have the same qualities and abilities, and that we should not be threatened by tools. I hope you read that several times. I agree with this writer that A.I. should only increase human intelligence, not replace it. It’s a good read.

Our industry should not only embrace the new technologies that is transforming our strategies but not replace our human aspects. Let's face it, when it comes to new shiny tools that tout solutions on parts of recruiting that may delay our results, it's the humans' need to change that behavior and actions we set forth, not these tools, which some want it do it for us, make sense? Connecting with people, takes patients, investment and vulnerable. Which ChatGPT, cannot do, regardless.

We all know this, it's our common sense that these tools empower our teams to embrace new approaches, the fast-changing devices that allow us to pivot quickly as markets and company goals change. For example, ChatGPT can quickly pull the content that could help recruiters identify candidates by analyzing candidate's resumes, job histories, and social media profiles, and you know it's true because as you can see, there’s a lot of conversations, books, and presentations since December 2022 that have been focused on how to’s, learn and grow within your won comfort. Plus, think about how our industry can use A.I. to our advantage and invest being creative when identifying, influencing and of course engaging with prospects– just be sure to read it, own it, and edit it ensuring that the content is in your own voice. The ChatGPT isn't perfect; it's just an added tool that YOU actually control how the words come across.

Equally, embracing new technologies does not mean that our teams should become complacent – quite the opposite. As this technology and other technologies continue to advance, our industry must stay CURIOUS and DEVELOP new skills to stay in the know. The truth is that some who don't stay curious are the ones who risk being replaced by their own fixed mindset, not the technology itself will replace you. So I would encourage you all to view new technologies as an opportunity to upskill and stay relevant in the rapidly evolving recruitment landscape, don't just rely on some who are early adopters and excited to share. You will be asked about this technology at a certain point, and if you don't have suggestions, it won't look beneficial to you in the long run.

Although technology can automate some parts of our recruitment process, the human touch remains essential and NOT replaced. As we adjust to the forever-changing recruiting environments, the common thread is that our prospects are more likely to accept job offers from recruiters who take the time to build personal relationships with them. Therefore, instead of resisting technology, you should strive to balance current technology with human interaction to provide the best candidate experience and continue to grow your skills. Moreover, our industry should prioritize building and nurturing relationships with candidates, even as they adopt new technologies. Can I get an AMEN?

Also, we should be mindful of the ethical implications of new technologies in recruitment. For example, this article from the Harvard Business Review shares that some companies are using AI-based tools to screen job candidates' social media profiles. However, these tools have been criticized for potentially discriminating against candidates based on their race, gender, or other personal characteristics. Again, not to beat this topic to death, we all should be cautious when using such technologies and ensure that they do not violate candidates' privacy, discriminate against them, or put your company at risk. So, take the time and read, modify, and make it yourself! Don't just copy and paste – lord knows we all have been there.

Let's finish this up, our roles in this industry should embrace new technologies to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving recruitment landscape. However, I can't express this enough, we must remain curious and continually learn new skills to avoid being replaced by technology. Additionally, our leaders and teams must balance technology with human interaction to provide the best experience for all, and we, of course, must be mindful of the ethical implications of new technologies in recruitment. By adopting these strategies, we can leverage new technologies to improve our efficiency, creativity, and effectiveness while remaining human-centered in our approaches.

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