Hey everybody it's Dean da Costa, the search authority and again this is going to be video two where we are going to start going through the SSAR page and the different tools that are available, the different sites, the podcast everything. 

So, again keep in mind this is on behalf of evry1 evry1, you can look at the Facebook page of the all-inclusive staffing sourcing recruiting research community out there.

So first tool, a chrome extension called tidy bookmarks tidy bookmarks is literally just this right here a little quick bookmark thing so I have it installed what's cool about it is i have thousands of bookmarks sometimes it's a pain about to find them i don't need to all i can do is type so let's just type in my name dean and look every single solitary bookmark i have that's related to me is right there in front of me and i get to pick the one i want i could say dean and then type in search as in search variant now i only get these i could take dean and type in i don't even know if this work linkedin

nope i don't have anything dean linkedin i probably have just linkedin so i just want to see let's try udemy i see it's right there and there you go udemy uh that's how simple this tool is it just makes it so easy to figure out where your bookmarks are instead of saying okay i think it's under this thing i think it's here and i think it might be there takes too long this is quick simple and easy way to go ahead and find your bookmark on the subject you want and that's it that's what this particular tool is about this is tidy bookmarks it definitely want to add to your tool belt

my name is Dean da Costa, the search authority this video comes to you by everyone the all-inclusive staffing sourcing recruiting research company excuse me community may the source be with you

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Dean Da Costa