Hey everybody it's team decosta of the search authority and today we are running our way down the chrome extension list i am doing this on behalf of everyone the all-inclusive recruiting staffing hr research community and we are on wenex which is one of my favorite tools and here it is now it does a lot of different things so we're going to go through this a little slowly so the first thing we're going to do is come over here i did a search on in url java developer java sample blah and as you've noticed this is when x it's telling me exactly when i visited that like just now on that one if i come down and see are there any let's see uh this one i contacted on 527 which is today and i wrote a note and that's my note i misspelled contact but that's my note so when you're looking for resumes you can actually write notes telling you um what you did if you contact them you didn't contact them if you saw it last time you visited whatever up here i didn't write a note i just visited so it lets you know so what that means is when you source you already know if you've seen him or not and you'll even know if you wrote him a note or not that's really cool makes life easy for her but here's the rest of it let me go out of all of this and let's go ahead and mess with linkedin a little bit linkedin. Com uh developer hopefully i spell it right i didn't i never do don't know why there we go so we got some people some people here great fantastic let me get rid of this one and let's see what happens when we go into one we're going to go into jason herr i don't know why i'm just doing it and we're going to give it a minute to open up you see this add note or this up here well guess what that is that's when x and when x is gonna open

oh it's still the um it's still loading so we gotta wait till it's done loading it's probably all my little play toys i have the lord knows i have plenty of play doors um so we might try to stop it yes here we go see it says scan everything now i can write note this is going to be test only because i write everything as a test will go to test five create this just so we know we have it and boom so now what we're going to do is get out of this and come back here we are going to remember it was jason eric reload the page uh and that's just so we know what we're dealing with and you're going to notice jason herr is not here now it's only not here temporarily we have to reload a couple times to give it a chance to catch up to us um and maybe even just to make sure we get it let's go ahead and put in the word jason her just to make sure we're getting the right person here we go but notice look right there today and scanned and what did it say test i could have said contact i could say whatever i wanted and it would keep track of for me so this can almost act like a mini ats or a crm for you giving you all this information about stuff and oops excuse me and it'll do it and that's what's really cool now let's see if it's caught back up uh without me having to specify the person um a lot of times what happens with the tool is it'll move it out of there because you've already seen it once how many times you need to see the same thing over and over again so this way you can look at others so what we're going to go ahead and do is just test it and start a new same search just out in and out and i don't up there we go jason here see two minutes scan boom there we go you're ready to rock and roll so it can do all of this for you which is one of the things that i really like about it because it just makes thing you have to give it some options here to read right in this case we're doing it on google there's some other options that you can mess with uh you can just sign in with your gmail so that's cool and you get to see notes upon notes you can have notes about everybody who you x-ray in or you follow you can do it there you can do it there you can do it here all this stuff it is actually now called when it's marked linkedin profiles with notes but it does everything we've always loved and wanted it to do here's the web page applicant tracking simplified share candidate notes for reoccur for recruiting teams uh really pretty cool there's free obviously and then there's a paid version so let's see free find for testing these way candidates 10k notes limited dashboard unlimited time stamps ten dollars a month fifteen thousand a month you know what give me what it gives you that's pretty damn cool so um yeah so there you go uh that's what it does that's when it does it um and you can actually drop notes i believe if i'm not mistaken uh you can do pretty much anything you want and there you go so that's the next tool in our little go going through the ssar page on behalf of everyone my name is dean decosta the search authority may the source be with you

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Dean Da Costa