We’ve all heard horror stories from reddit’s r/recruitinghell for recruiter fails.  Usually stemming from the lack of knowledge of what the job, requirements or programming language are.  So the next time a hiring manager gives you a req, it is best to fact check all the requirements, so the profession of talent acquisition can avoid that digital walk of shame

As a former developer with an inbox full of outreaches for the most ridiculous requirements and asks, I’m going to post some of my more favorite ones. (I’m sure a lot of people know and have heard of them, but hey, if this can save one new, bright-eyed, tech recruiter out there in the etherworld from being immortalized in a screenshot, then my duty is done).

Years of Exp =/ skill level 

Sebastian Ramirez Laughing at Recruiters about years exp on the api he invented
(This person CREATED FastAPI)

This one irks developers to no end.  We take our language skills like it is our badge of honor.  When you are asking for experience, just don’t pick out a random number and throw it out there.  This is the internet, and the internet lurks to point and laugh at people.  We keep tally of which companies out there are clueless, don’t make that list.

Curb your enthusiasm

I get that companies are always looking to save on costs of development. But even in my experience with dev jobs, this happens 1 out of every 10 Job descriptions or recruiter reach outs.  Where in the world would 10+ years of anything be considered Entry-level? (unless you’ve gone to the Tibetan Mountains to become an everlasting monk). Not only are the years out of wack, but the amount of things an entry-level dev is supposed to know? If you substituted that with say, medicine?

  • 10+ years ER experience
  • 7+ years pediatric surgery
  • 7+ years in a general practice
  • 10+ years in clinical studies
  • 3+ years of clown school
  • Familiarity  with and the ability to magically sense and pick out diseases while blind-folded

BTW, this job is ENTRY-LEVEL and pays 45k 👌

Automation is nothing without segmentation.

I’m sure we’ve all gotten this one before in our careers.  Can someone tell me how this always happens to Sr.+ level professionals? Did they forget to add the parameters for 2-4 years in their ats/linkedin/whatever search? Is it bargain hunting? Is it Maybelline? 

I love automation, but if it fails, then you fail. Although, this one got the name and email right – So it could actually not be automated and some type of failed list-merge attempt. I have also gotten this email before. (and being in marketing, I might have also sent an email with this :O)

So [recruiter name here], what are some of your fails? Or ones you’ve seen? 

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