I came across this quote that has inspired me to write this article:

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”- Rumi

Despite the past few years of challenges, the research shows that 70 percent of today's employees said their work defines their sense of purpose. And that is much pressure: many surveys also found differences in how employees feel supported living their true purpose at work. So, like it or not, as leaders, we play an essential part in helping those we lead to find their purpose and embrace it.

Why Is Purpose Important?

Feeling incidental, the Now, with that said, not all are created equal, and yes, we may have team members who aren't working their best, and that is when we address it with that individual. I know that in our industry, we have set standards which, at times, some leaders have this mindset in our industry "there are plenty of sourcers/recruiters who can do the job" This has to stop; it's a passive-aggressive technique we have to realize that this is a human that has a purpose. After all, we hired them for a reason, so instead of using old-school terms to motivate your team, find their passion, and work with them to embrace the measurements, be sure to invest the time and the circumstances surrounding the outcome.

But be careful: the "purpose" is not just "another corporate initiative." As a leader, you can't mandate this. If you approach your people with a lack of transparency, no trust established, or a lack of investment, which you will likely do the company and your reputation more harm than good.

A McKinsey report found that 85% of employees want purpose in their career, and 74% of those surveyed shared, their purpose is defined by their role in the company. With statistics like that, companies are wise to take notice. Not all do, but many large companies use corporate social responsibility efforts to attract and engage top talent.

If you need to know your purpose, keeping a list of your day-to-day activities for a few weeks and identifying whether they make you feel energized or drained is a good start to figuring it out. Consider talking to a mentor trained to help tease this type of information out of people.

Our goal may be to make money to provide for your family, or perhaps you see your current job as a stepping stone towards a better job or launching your own company, and your purpose is to gain the necessary skills to lay the foundation. So, do you have a purpose in work? And your answer may vary depending on where you are in your career/life.

Some may think, "I lack a sense of purpose in the work I am doing, and I can't leave my job." I have been there and have another suggestion for those who may feel lost or can't seem to identify their purpose. Take each day, dig deep within yourself to find inspiration, and create your purpose; you know what you love within your career. Know that you are valued, and surround yourself with positive people.

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