“Sourcing is all about creativity, compassion, humanity…and yes nerdy tech that lets us do cool things. The ultimate compliment though is how one conversation can change a persons direction. Whether it’s a job seeker landing a job they never knew of, or an attendee at a session coming back and teaching us all something new, these conferences not only help the recruiters in the room, they help our audience, the people out there needing help. The last few years have been tough, but we can all be beacons of change!” – Greg Hawkes, Principal
Sourcing Leader, Assistant Vice President at M&T Bank

If you work in Talent Acquisition, then you know the learning never ends. We often sell candidates on benefits such as assistance with continued education, certifications, trainings -but we don’t often think to look internally to see if this is something we can utilize at our current Company.

There are endless free places to learn – LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, but every once in a while a conference can really give you an extra boost in the learning department. But conferences aren’t just a great place for education, they are a great place for networking, finding your next hire, finding your next employer, and maybe even winning a free membership to the hottest new hiring tool!

The information listed below is for just some of the many great conferences you can attend to network, learn, and improve your overall hiring skills this year. Many conferences are now virtual because of the pandemic, so the overall price is much lower than normal and might give you a better chance of finding a little extra money on your team’s budget to attend. You can also save money by registering with your teammates/team. And if your company doesn’t have the budget at this time, find out how you can still be a part of your desired event! You might be able to blog for the website, volunteer at the conference, do a little marketing for referrals.

One piece of advice: Find a niche job board where you post a hard-to-fill role that probably isn’t giving you much ROI and re-allocate those funds to a conference ticket. The cool things about most of these conferences: If you missed one in the past or have to miss the next one, you can usually pay to get access to the training. If you do attend a conference, you will most likely get video of the training and/or slides included with your ticket. You can also utilize the websites to check out additional paid trainings, webinars, and so much more.

“The real magic is found in the conversations that occur in-between the presentations.” – Bret Feig, Talent Acquisition, US Lead at Zip


Looking for a conference to attend in 2022? Look no further than Evry1’s first conference! The event will be part retreat, part learning, and all community.

  • Audience: Sourcers, Recruiters, those in between!
  • Speakers: Madison Butler, Chris Havrilla, Carmen Hudson, Lars Schmidt, Angie Verros
  • Next event: November 9th-10th
  • Where: Santa Fe, NM
  • Price: $450

More information here: meet.evry1.com

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/groups/evry1community/




This conference is made for Sourcers and Recruiters and Talent Leadership.

  • Speakers: Melissa Thompson, Lotus Buckner, Josh Allen, Mary Faulkner, Katrina Kibben, Tim
  • Ackerman
  • Previous speakers: Cam Hoyt, Andréa Long, Cyndy Davis, Tiffany Pham, Terry Baker,
  • Kayla Moncayo
  • Next event: April 6th-7th, 2022
  • Where: Virtual
  • Price: $299 and $149 for every additional attendees

More information here: https://digital.ere.net/

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/eremedia/




“Sourcecon is a great experience if you are a sourcer or also a recruiter who heavily sources. It’s great to talk shop, a fun group to learn from, and you can take a lot of ideas away and some excellent resources. I got some of my first sourcing books for free there. If someone is a recruiter and does very little sourcing though, they might not get as much out of it. The last time I attended, I was running a recruiting dept but barely sourcing at all. I still had some awesome takeaways as the presenters are top tier and the demos teach quite a bit about new market software.

However, I wish I could go back now (a few years later in my career) as a recruiter who does all of my own sourcing. I have a lot of success on my own but feel that now that I understand Boolean searches, etc., it would be much more beneficial. Great networking opportunity too!” – Allison Garcia – Team Lead at WilsonHCG

There are usually two held in the states every year and one held overseas. You will learn about people search engines, outreach techniques, how to code, and so, so much more. And hackathons are always a great way to test your skills in the moment and maybe even get to be crowned the winner!

  • Audience: Sourcers
  • Speakers: Jer Langhans, Teddy Dmitrova, Rober McFalls, Adriaan Kolff, Anna Stenbeck, Ravi
  • Vijay
  • Previous speakers: Greg Hawkes, Cyndy Davis, Dean Da Costa, Erin Mathew, Priti Sahu, Brian Fink, Maisha Cannon, Rebecca Fouts
  • Next event: March 9th-10th, 2022
  • Where: Virtuall
  • Price: $399 and $199 for additional attendees

More information here: https://digital.sourcecon.com/

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/sourcecon/




“Never stopped learning.” – Jeremiah Bonewitz, Talent Acquisition Manager at Stantec

This conference is brought to you by the people over at Recruiting Daily. Check out their website as there is a wealth of educational resources over there!

  • Audience: Sourcers, Recruiters, those in talent acquisition
  • Speakers: Pete Radloff, Shawna Lawson-Flintroy, Junius Currier, Carrie Collier, Keirsten
  • Greggs, David Galley
  • Previous speakers: Sue Viswanatha, Mark Tortorici, Amy Miller, Steve Levy, Sarah Goldberg,
  • Next event: March 23rd-24th
  • Where: Virtual
  • Price: Free!

More information here: https://recruitingdaily.com/

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/RecruitingBlogs


Sourcing Summit

This conference is global, with speakers and attendees spanning from six continents. The conference is brought to you to by Destination Talent, https://dtalent.co/ , who also hosted other conferences like IT18 and Rhub Conference NZ.

  • Audience: Sourcers
  • Speakers: Nieves Sancho Perez, Tasha Cluskey, Julia Jolkin, Alla Pavlova, Wim Dammans,
  • Amer Klopic
  • Previous speakers: Irina Shamaeva, Michael Crouse, Emma Hunt, Cyndy Davis, Mark
  • Lundgren, Christina Ausserwöger
  • Next event: See website
  • Where: See website
  • Price: $175 and $87 per person if as a team

More information: https://sourcingsummit.net/sosutech/register/

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/SourcingSummit/


TAtech Leadership Summit on Recruitment Marketing

TAtech is an association that provides information, networking opportunities, and much more to those in the Talent Acquisition space. They host many conferences throughout the year regarding things like leadership, AI and blockchain in the TA space.

  • Audience: Sourcers, Recruiters, Coordinators
  • Next event: May 10th-May 11th
  • Where: Boston, MA
  • Price: $850 for non-members

More information: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2022-tatech-leadership-summit-on-recruitment-marketing-tickets 158536411675

Social media : https://www.facebook.com/TAtech-173146936042988





*Prices mentioned were as of February 26th, 2022. They may have changed.Check their url for the latest information.

*Speakers for each event are only some of the many great speakers that will be presenting at these events!

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Mikey Weil was raised in New Hampshire and went to college just outside of Boston. He studied Digital Filmmaking and Creative Writing in college, so it was hard for him to find a stable out of college. He eventually wound up in Sourcing and has loved helping others find jobs since then.

He has worked in RPO, corporate, and agency settings. He has worked for the country's largest general veterinary practice, as well as the world's largest mozzarella producer. He has also worked in banking, ag equipment manufacturing, tech, pharmaceuticals, and most recently joined Indeed as a Business Sourcer.

He has spoken at SOSUV, SourceCon, Evry1, HRTX and blogs for various sites.

In his spare time, he has a film and television podcast, writes movies, and plays music. He also enjoys spending time with his son and two dogs.