Fear is a powerful emotion that can hold us back from living our best lives. It can stop us from taking risks, trying new things, and connecting with others. But what if we could choose curiosity over fear? What if we could embrace the unknown and learn from our experiences?

Recently, I took my family to meet and speak with Elizabeth Gilbert, the author who is famous for the book Eat, Pray, Love and other fantastic books. She spoke about staying curious and not allowing fear take over and prevent you from discovering parts of you that you may have not discovered and embrace curiosity. The family had a great time and she was so kind to the kids. This article was inspired by her lecture.

If anything, I have learned during my career in the staffing industry, is to stay curious. You see, being curious is a powerful force that can help us grow and evolve. It allows us to see the world in new ways, learn from others, and create new possibilities. When we are curious, we are open to new experiences and ideas. We are willing to take risks and try new things. We are more likely to connect with others and build relationships.

On the other hand, fear can keep us stuck in our comfort zone. It can make us feel anxious and stressed. It can prevent us from taking risks and trying new things. Fear can also lead to isolation and loneliness.

So how can we choose curiosity over fear? Here are a few suggested tips that has helped me:

  • Be aware of your fears. What are you afraid of? The first step to overcoming fear is to be mindful of it. Once you know what you're scared of, you can start to challenge those fears buy working out the triggers.
  • Face your fears. The best way to overcome fear is to face it head-on. When you avoid your fears, they only get stronger. But when you encounter them, you realize they're not as scary as you thought and people who believe in you will be there to support and cheer you on. Thank you, Leslie O’Connor, Bryan Reichert and Alicia Sullivan you all have no idea how much your support meant to me when I did my first presentation at SourceCon.
  • Talk about your fears. By talking about your worries with your close friends can help you to feel less alone. You can get support and encouragement when you share your worries with others. You be surprise how you could help others when you open yourself up.
  • Practice meditation techniques. When you're feeling afraid, your body goes into fight-or-flight mode. Relaxation/Meditation techniques can help to calm your body and mind and reduce your anxiety. I practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Visualize success. Creative visualization for yourself succeeding at something can help to boost your confidence and reduce your fear. It really works.
  • Reward yourself. When you face your fears and take risks, reward yourself. This will help you to stay motivated and keep moving forward.

Choosing curiosity over fear is not always easy, but it's worth it. When we open ourselves to new possibilities and experiences, we embrace the unknown.

We can all learn and grow and connect with others in more meaningful ways. So next time you're feeling afraid, choose curiosity instead. Know your voice, your experiences and your passion are a value to this industry. You might just be surprised at what you discover and who you can inspire.

Here are some additional benefits of choosing curiosity over fear:

  • Curiosity can help you to learn and grow. When you're curious, you're open to new information and experiences. This can help you to expand your knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • Curiosity can help you to connect with others. When you're curious about others, you're more likely to engage in meaningful conversations and build trusted relationships.
  • Curiosity can help you to solve problems. Being curious about a situation makes you more likely to think outside the box and develop creative solutions.
  • Curiosity can help you to be more resilient. When you're curious about life, you're more likely to bounce back from setbacks and challenges.

So, if you're looking for a way to live a more fulfilling and rewarding life, choose curiosity over fear. It's a choice that you won't regret.

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