About Evry1 - evry1


Why EVRY1?

We know communities crop up every so often in this space. However, there is a need for a new KIND of community. One built post-pandemic to address the unique needs that sourcers and recruiters are facing at the moment. Right now, ensuring community-focused activities are ALSO revenue-generating just isn’t in the best interests of a discipline moving so fast training can barely keep pace. EVRY1 was genuinely built to provide cost-free resources to those whose companies can’t or won’t invest.

What does the community do?

EVRY1 is designed to be an all-inclusive community for recruiters and sourcers. While all levels and TA disciplines are welcome, the primary persona is entry-mid-level sourcing and recruiting professionals. The goal is to be inclusive of all vendors, practitioners, resources, and other communities. EVRY1 offers training, tips, mentors, and resources for TA professionals and aims to be a place for discussion, Q&A, and to serve as a basecamp for those starting their journey in the industry.

What problem is the community trying to solve?

Simply put, there are many fragmented communities all over the recruiting and sourcing world. However, most, if not all of those communities are either funded through memberships and the selling of tickets (the community member pays) or via sponsorships and advertisements (the vendors pay), meaning none of the communities available for anyone are truly “free”. The goal is to provide a resource with no strings attached for recruiters who need resources to excel in their careers.

Who is the community for?

EVRY1 is for recruiters, sources, and anyone working in the fields of talent acquisition and talent attraction. Secondarily, it can serve as a platform for thought leaders, members, bloggers/influencers, and vendors to expand their sphere of influence or audience (provided it is quality content that helps recruiters.) The community

Why was EVRY1 created?

The pandemic was challenging for everyone and our community aims to help remove any roadblocks that TA professionals might encounter throughout their day and throughout their career. Removing roadblocks and giving back to the industry is a favorable impression and legacy that Hiretual hopes to be known for.

How does EVRY1 fit in the current landscape?

EVRY1 joins roughly a dozen mainstream communities and groups built for the TA community. As discussed, the goal is to be inclusive of ALL TA-related communities, moving these communities from competitors to potential supporters.